We provide comprehensive Human Resources consultancies designed to increase the effectiveness of an organization. We conduct psychological test to ensure you recruit ideal employees for your organization.


We help you to create a vision for your business by finding your ideal service offering and evaluating your uniqueness. We help you maximize your worth strategy by identifying what makes you indispensable to your clients and organization.


We help you finding the right corporate and legal structure to achieve your goals in the different regions, identifying your strengths, tax liabilities, target markets and local challenges.


We help you to present yourself to the public and investor by designing an attractive corporate image to lure your potential clients. Our primary goal is to maintain and build an identity in accordance with your corporate business objectives by designing your brand, editing and creating your advertising, and developing your social media public relations.


Web development plays an important role in todays business. Regardless of your product, services, or goals, corporations can only foster growth when they are expanding their customer base combined with the right Internet marketing strategy. You are not just a local business — you are global.


We provide you a comprehensive service to obtain relevant apostilles or legalizations in different jurisdictions of the world, with emphasis in Latin America, Europe and the United States of America. We can deliver you original translated copies to your language of choice from certified translators to start your business in the right direction.

Mehlem Consulting was established in 2009 as a consultant and business development company. The company’s headquarters are located in Florida, with branches in The Hague, Managua, Frankfurt, Geneva. Our multifaceted team of consultants provide personalized, professional and multilanguage consultancies to your company or individuals in Latin America, USA and Europe.


We are a specialized, multifaceted and professional team of entrepreneurs with a broad array of backgrounds. Our team of experts are proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.



is a Phycology graduate and a Yoga enthusiast. She co-founded Mehlem Consulting and has extensive experience in coaching, human resources, mindfulness and Latin American social studies. Roxana’s passion for yoga is preceded by a love of music and well-being. She began attending regular yoga classes following the birth of her first child in a bid to improve her general health and over come post-natal depression. She holds a +400 Yoga Certification and trains employees to combine their daily work with well-being practices.



holds a Legum Magister (LL.M) in International Legal Studies from the University of Vienna (2014). He has extensive experience in investor-state arbitration, renewable energy law and corporate structures. He has participated in several mergers and acquisitions in Latin America. He specializes on investment-planning structures in Latin America and Africa. He is part of the Board in numerous public organizations such as the United Nations Association of Nicaragua (ANNU), Admiralty Law Association of Nicaragua (ANIMAR), Consumers Association of Nicaragua (CEPRODUC) and the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN). He is a Senior Partner at Estrada & Asociados Legal firm.


International Affairs Consultant

Highly successful and enriching career as a top-level diplomat specializing in the fields of international multilateral negotiations, facilitation, and advocacy. Served from 2013-2018 as UN Ambassador of Nicaragua to the UN Headquarters in Vienna and Geneva. In 2018 he transitioned to our team in an independent consultant role. His skillset can effectively translate for a company in search of someone who can negotiate and develop business at the regional or international level.


Web Developer & Brand Management

Luis Arriola is a Graphic & Visual Communicator graduate from the American University of Nicaragua. He serves as Developer & Digital Brand Manager of Mehlem Consulting. He has extensive experience in Web Services, Corporate Image and Branding. He has worked with Law Films, IT Outsourcing and digital media companies.